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106-9 Kicks Country Nights With Charlie
 Weeknights 7-10pm

106-9 Kicks Country and Charlie play the most country to help you unwind each night!

Shortly after Charlie's birth, his parents abandond him in the Great Smoky Mountains. He was raised by a den of bears. He fought for survival and...ok, thats not how it happened.
Charlie was born in New York City, but was raised in Cookeville Tennessee.
Charlie is a simple man that loves radio and The Vanderbilt Commodores....GO DORES! When Charlie isn't playing the most country, you might find him playing disc golf, reading comic books, or being just your average dork.
Charlie is married to his best friend, a servant of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and happy to being playing the most country all weekend on 106-9 Kicks Country!

Want more Charlie?

1. What's in your CD player or on your personal playlist right now? I've got a six disc changer so I cover every genre.....haha. Hip hop, Punk Rock, Metal, Classic Country, 70's Funk and a whooooooole lot of The Beastie Boys!

2. What's your favorite movie? Tough question....I love scary movies; Halloween 2 and 3, Friday the 13th 1-8, The Hills have Eyes, Fright Night 1 and 2...I could go on forever.

3. What do you watch on T.V.? I LOVE THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW!!!! Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows, Lost, Dexter, The Office, Scrubs, Breaking Bad.

4. Where are you most likely to be spotted around Cookeville? At Cane Creek Park playing Disc Golf....everybody knows that.

5. What are your top three favorite foods? Cheeseburgers, Tacos and Pizza...I eat healthy.

6. You're going to the movies. What are you getting at the concession stand? The biggest pack of Reeses Cups that the law will allow.

7. Do you have pets? I have too many animals to name. My wife loves animals......Ok, I guess I love them too.

8. What made you want to work in radio? I have honestly loved radio my entire life!!! I grew up listening to scary radio shows. I guess that explains why I am so warped.

9. What was your first job? I was the dish washing engineer for Po Folks Family restaurant.

10. Can you picture yourself with a different career, if so - what? NO WAY!!! I dont know how to do anything else!!!

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Phone: 526-6969