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Vacations ROCK!

Oct 16, 2013 -- 11:31am

Hey it's Styckman...and boy do I have a story for you.  

So I've been on vacation for the last few days but it was a "working vacation". I was asked by my dear friend and Fortune 500 Magician, Jason Michaels to take a road trip for a couple of big shows in the Northeast. See, I’ll take these road trips with him about every year or so. Over the years we've clicked off SEVERAL THOUSAND miles together.

This particular trip he was booked in Pottstown Pennsylvania and Northvale New Jersey. But the trip wasn't all work. The two big shows were booked on Friday and Sunday. So Saturday we spent the day in New York City just playing and seeing the sights. It was my first trip ever to NYC and just being in the Big Apple was plenty enough but EXPERIENCING it...that's a different story. 

We went to visit the 9/11 Memorial and that puts the whole event into an entirely different prospective for me. I'm not completely sure what I expected but after being in THAT location was an experience. Much like most of us, my only 'connection' to the events of that day was the Television, Radio and internet. When I got down there, I was baffled at how LITTLE space there was between the buildings. I’ve HEARD that when the twin towns fell it affected several of the buildings around it… I had NO IDEA HOW MANY… believe me when I tell you that IT HAD TO BE A LOT of those buildings. And a LOT of lives that were associated with those buildings. I had not thought about the people and their families that were NOT listed on the memorial.

911 MemorialThe memorial itself is beautiful. As you know, the pools that is in the footprints where the twin towers once stood are stunning. The names of the people lost listed around the edges. I’m glad to say that I personally don’t know first-hand any of the people listed there or their families but after being there and seeing it, I did feel a deeper connection to them. I’m so glad that I got to see it and pay my respects to those families.

And Speaking of BEAUTIFUL, The new 1 World Trade Center building…just WOW!!!  What an amazing structure. I can’t wait till they get it finished.

We also had a lot of fun. MY FIRST BROADWAY MUSICAL. “Spider-Man – Turn off the Dark” is the most expensive show in Broadway. It cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $65 Million dollars to put this show together.  And it was worth every nickel.  All the things that Spider-Man does in the comic books and on the movies, he does right there in front of you on a stage. He’s swinging from ‘his web’ ALL OVER the stage and even over our heads in the audience. The music was written by U2’s Bono and The Edge, so you know it was AWESOME!! The theater tends to frown upon the taking of pictures inside the theater, although I did get one of the “curtain” that you saw when you walked into the theater…NOPE NOT GONNA POST IT HERE! I really didn’t WANT to take pictures anyway.. I wanted to sit back and be entertained… And I was. So instead of a picture I’ll include one of their ‘best of’ type videos… if you ever go to NYC Might I suggest you go see Spider-Man.

Speaking of the show… I thoroughly enjoyed the “Green Goblin” character. He was not only the villain but the ‘comic relief’ of the show. This video is from the David Letterman show. It’s NOT exactly how it played out in the show but you can really see his ‘personality’.

AND AFTER I GOT OUT OF THE SHOW..I raved about them on twitter.. and they replied!!!! BONUS!!!


In short.. thank you for letting me have a couple of days off to experience this.. I’ll end this (probably too long) post by showing you something you don’t often see.. STYCKMAN IN A TUX. One of Jason’s shows was a formal event… and NO I did NOT wear the “StyckMan Signature Staff Hat” during the actual event..the first picture is when we picked up the tux. I just thought it was funny to leave it on for that.

StyckMan in a Tux

The members of our “team” from l-r, Magician/illusionist Jason Michaels, Lovely Assistant Kristin Beard, Stage and Road manager Scott Cantrell(who’s a dang good performer himself)…and wittle ole me. Our TeamI also want to throw in a plug for my buddy. If you ever need entertainment for an event that you're putting on.. Please consider Jason Michaels. He is a wonderful performer and magician. He can customize his show for most event that you have. For more info on Jason and his show(s), check out

OH DANG!!! I forgot to tell you about the CAB RIDE in NYC!!! I'll just say this.. THAT was an adventure in itself... at one point we were doing 80mph in the HEART of NEW YORK CITY... Those of us in the back seat had a ball.. the one in the FRONT SEAT (Jason)...NOT SO MUCH!

Cab ride 

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