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May 07, 2013 -- 7:06am


1. Obsessively Taking and Sharing Pictures of Food--No one cares, seriously.


2. Try to Settle Arguments through Texting—At some point humans thought it was a good idea to text a loved one or friend with their anger or disappointment instead of actually talking to them. Sending a text is easier, but you lose two very important things: context and tone.


3. Using a Smartphone as a Lighter at a Concert--Today, you can download all sorts of apps that look like real lighters, including a Zippo lighter that opens with a flick of your wrist and a turn of your thumb.


4. Take Too Many Selfies (Duck Face Included)--Way too many people feel the need to take self-portraits and share them with the world.


5. Use an Phone as a Boombox in a Public Space--Today’s smartphones can get pretty loud. The HTC One’s dual stereo speakers are a perfect example. In fact, a commercial for the phone has some people dancing to the device in the middle of a bar. But you should never do this unless your goal is to annoy everyone around you.


6. Taking Calls or Incessantly Checking the Phone in Elevator--Think about how long you spend on an elevator ride. 20 or maybe as many as 40, seconds. And still people are so ignorant to eye contact and human interaction that they'd rather stare at their same inbox or Facebook news feed that’s going to be there when they leave the elevator. Worse, some people make the decision to continue a call as they get on the elevator!


7. Shooting Videos in Portrait Mode—Just so you know, your video is going to look cut off.


8. Using Apple Maps for the iPhone--Apple’s Maps app should not be your go-to choice. You need to use a third-party app to get public transit directions, like Waze or Google Maps. The app has inaccuracies. Also, sometimes, Apple Maps doesn't know where you are. Google Maps doesn’t do that.


9. Smartphoning While Walking--Would you ever walk across a busy intersection with your head down if you didn’t have a smartphone in your hand? If you answered “no,” congratulations. So why is it OK to risk your life just to like your friend’s comment?


10. Keeping your Notification Volume on Full Blast All the Freakin’ Time--When you’re heading into an important meeting, the last thing your co-workers want to hear is your phone screaming. Change your settings and do what needs to be done.

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