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Jan 29, 2013 -- 6:13am


  1. A partner giving you a spontaneous cuddle
  2. Comfortable underwear
  3. Someone telling you they think you’ve lost weight
  4. Buying a present for someone which they’re obviously
    pleased to receive
  5. Wearing sexy underwear
  6. Finding a bargain
  7. Receiving flowers
  8. Being bought a present
  9. Someone telling you you look younger than you are
  10. A stranger complementing you on your style
  11. Tucking into a bar of chocolate
  12. Being asked where you bought something
  13. Catching up with old friends
  14. Fitting into an outfit you thought was too small
  15. Reading a brilliant book
  16. Having clean teeth
  17. Having a meal cooked for you
  18. Shopping
  19. Someone noticing you’ve had your hair done
  20. A proper hug from your son/daughter
  21. Getting dressed up for a night out
  22. A sale in your favorite shop
  23. Being told your children are well behaved or clever
  24. A bubble bath
  25. Buying a new bottle of perfume
  26. Going out for lunch with friends
  27. Winning a debate
  28. Getting praise from the boss
  29. A child thanking you for having them to   tea
  30. A spa day
  31. Exercising / playing sport
  32. Showing off a new handbag
  33. The DJ playing your favorite song on a night out
  34. Watching a box set
  35. Your children doing well at school / sport
  36. Taking heels off at the end of the night
  37. Recycling clothes
  38. Eating cheese
  39. Doing a great job at work
  40. Going on a first date
  41. Have a good chat with friends
  42. Watching soap operas
  43. Sharing a bottle of wine with friends
  44. Buying new make up
  45. Having a manicure
  46. Shapewear which makes your figure look amazing
  47. Singing along to the radio in your car
  48. Picking up a new skill / hobby
  49. Cleavage enhancing bras


Now, here’s the list of what men think women want:



More sex

Dinner at Applebees


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