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Jan 03, 2013 -- 4:04pm

1.Read more books                             

2. Save more money                            

3. Lose weight                      


5. Take better photos                           

6. Go traveling                      

7.Sell old unwanted stuff on eBay     

8. Buy a tablet                                        

9. Organize photos

10. Do something for charity                              

11. Spend more time with kids                            

12. Buy a Sunday paper       

13. Less TV time                                   

14. Connect computer to TV                               

15. Leave work on time

16. Less time on Facebook                 

17. Totally revamp my wardrobe  

18. Try a new hairstyle         

19. Get a six-pack                                

20. Eat less chocolate                          

21. Socialize more in real life

22. Drink less alcohol                          

23. Buy less coffee from Starbucks     

24. Start my own business

25. Tell em I have feelings for em       

26. Quit smoking                                  

27. Gain a promotion

28. Learn how to use Twitter                               

29. Run a half or full marathon                            

30. Call people more than text

31. Cut out folks that aren’t good for me            

32. Meet online contacts in real life    

33. Watch less reality TV

34. Text people less                                             

35. Try to save relationship                

36. Try extreme sports

37. Get better at social networking     

38. Stop going back to an ex-partner

39. Face-2-face with my boss

40. Do a bungee jump

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