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A Local Black Friday Store

Nov 27, 2012 -- 6:03am


We got an email from Heather in Jamestown. We edited the store name out of it because that's not important..but the story certainly is... Here's the letter. 
I wanted to share with you our Thanksgiving/Black Friday story. 

My husband and myself and our kids went shopping in Crossville late Thanksgiving day around 2am we stood in line with a great bunch of people.  We stood in line for well over three hours in the cold watching the temperature drop and the line get bigger and bigger.

Around 5:30am the staff [The Store] started handing out the tickets for their sale items for which there were not very many tickets.  People were trying to jump line not caring about the people that had been there for hours on end.  

Anyway here we all were freezing and I look a few people behind us was a veteran in a wheelchair.  When [The Store] employees started handling out tickets people started crowding in and could not see him.  

As it turns out his brother was a few people ahead of us said he was only there for a tv because his had broken and that he was slightly hard of hearing and with all the noise could not hear what was going on.

[The Store] employee overlooked the Veteran in his wheelchair because he could not see him.  So a bunch of us yelled at the employee so he could get what he needed.  

As it turned out the man did not hear them about the tickets he was too busy trying to stay warm. If it were not for us and the small group of people around us that man would have been overlooked or pushed out of way due to the shopping madness.

I just want to tell those people thank you for having a heart and looking after the veteran in that wheelchair.  

Lord knows he did his part looking after us when serving in the military.  It shows thats there is still good hearted people other than ourselves out there willing to help someone in need during the holidays.

Thanks for reading this and have a great holiday.

Jamestown Tn

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