5 The “Strange” Foods of The British It Will Make You Gawk. Interested in Make a Try?

It is human reason to survive, one of them by eating. Wherever you go, sooner or later, the edges will definitely need you to eat. The diversity of people in the world and the creativity of our ancestors in the processing of foodstuffs make there an abundance of food choices in the world.

Different tongue, different tastes. Every country must have food that is considered strange to outsiders. For example, Surströmming. This Swedish fish snack is known for its super sour smell, capable of making people Daftar Judi Bola vomit. There are also live octopuses in Korea and fried insects in Thailand that are considered disgusted by many people, but are commonly enjoyed by citizens.

However, do not judge a book by it’s cover. Sometimes these peculiarities are limited to name only. Like Indonesians who enjoy farted rice, sate kere, and tiger nails, British people (also known as Britons) also have “weird” food that may make you gawk when you first hear it. Hmm .. Anything huh?

1. Spotted Dick

Probably most of you have heard it. Spotted Dick is one of the most popular UK foods because it is often the source of jokes. For you who have not ngeh too, literally Spotted Dick means male reproductive organs. And reproductive organs with spots are certainly not a good idea.

Some places in the UK try to refine by changing the name of this food to “Spotted Richard”. Based on fat and a mixture of dried fruits, the real food is pudding is usually served with a sweet custard sauce sweet. The word “spotted” comes from a raisin that makes this rounded pudding visible with a curl. While “dick”, it probably comes from the German word “dicht” (thick) or “dough” (dough).

2. Stargazy Pie

Unlike the pies that we usually know contained fruit and other sweet ornaments, Stargazy Pie made of eggs, potatoes, pie dough, and pieces of fish heads facing upward, like being staring at the stars.

This dish is usually served during the festival of Tom Bawcock, a local fisherman who lived in the 16th century. He is known for his courage. When boats can not dock due to winter, villagers who depend on fish as their staple food begin to starve.

Bawcock dared to catch fish for the villagers, alone. To this day, Bawcock’s heroic story is still celebrated and Stargazy Pie is still popular among the inhabitants of Cornwall.

3. Toad in a Hole

No, no. No reptiles are used to make this food. Toad in a Hole or literally, the frog in the hole is actually a sausage mixed with pudding dough, served with onion sauce and other vegetables.

The origin of his name is still a mystery. Some people think that the sausage trapped in the pudding dough looks like a frog soaked in mud. What do you think, his performance is seductive is not it? Especially when served with a lot of onion sauce. Unfortunately, fewer people are willing to try it now.

4. Black Pudding

Either nice or eneg for you, but Black Pudding is a low carbo, high protein and iron source. Made from blood and lard, this sausage is also mixed with lots of cereals and whole grains and seasonings such as salt, onion, pepper, and cloves.

Black pudding is commonly used as one of the breakfast dishes of the British people, sometimes fried and cut into small pieces. If it looks oily, but the texture is dry in the mouth and it feels very strong. If you are interested to try it, do not much Daftar Sbobet because the food is high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

5. Roly Poly Clock

As the name sounds sweet, Jam Roly-Poly is a delicious snack for you sweet lovers. Similar to the Swiss Roll, this fatty pudding is coated in jam and then rolled up. Believed to be the first British pudding that emerged in the early 19th century, the Roly-Poly Clock is usually eaten as a dessert.

However, do not be surprised if the other name of this pudding is terrible. Roly-Poly clock is also called Dead Man’s Arm because it is usually presented on a cloth after steaming, resembling a bloody arm or leg roll.